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As Temperatures Get Colder, Warm Up at Wicked Willie's With Hot Comfort Foods

  Now that fall has arrived, there will still be warm days here and there but even on the sunniest of afternoons, it's just going to slowly keep getting colder outside. The best way to warm up is with something hot and delicious from our Lake of the Ozarks restaurant & bar ! We've got a menu full of comforting foods that can warm you up from the inside out at Wicked Willie's Sports Grill in Osage Beach. While you're here, you can also catch all the games on our 31 TVs and 3 giant projection screens. (If it's being broadcast, we'll have it on at our Lake of the Ozarks sports bar & grill !)  Why is "Comfort Food" so Comforting?    Foods often described as "comfort foods" are the type of cuisine that makes you feel good both inside and out. They comfort you with a physical warmth as well as mental happiness, often due to the nostalgic memories from your past associated with those foods.  As for the hot, satisfying foods you'll find

Tastes Like Chicken... Because It Is!

Did you know that September is National Chicken Month? We've been so pre-occupied at our Lake of the Ozarks sports bar & grill with football starting back up, we almost overlooked it! Don't worry, because there are still a few days left in the month for you to celebrate and Wicked Willie's Sports Grill in Osage Beach has some delicious poultry dishes for you to celebrate with.  Why Choose Chicken? Chicken not only makes for a tasty meal but it's actually good for you too. It is  an excellent source of protein, which your body uses for muscle growth and development. Protein also helps to support a healthy body weight. The high level of the amino acid, tryptophan, increases the serotonin levels produced by the brain, which boosts your mood and consequently can relieve stress. The many vitamins and minerals present in chicken do a body good too. B-vitamins help with maintaining a healthy body weight by regulating digestion and boosting metabolism. Those also boost im

#WickedGood Foods to Enjoy While You Watch ALL the Games

Football is in full swing and the entire gang at our Lake of the Ozarks sports bar & grill couldn't be more excited. Of course, there's still baseball, basketball, hockey, golf, and a whole lot more sports to catch on our 31 TVs and 3 giant projection screens right now too! That means you're probably going to be spending a lot more time at Wicked Willie's Sports Grill than usual!  The best way to enjoy a great game is with a bunch of fellow fans, a few refreshing beverages, and some delicious foods to munch on between plays. You'll find a wide variety of delicious dishes to choose from on the menu at Wicked Willie's, but today we're highlighting some #WickedGood menu items that make terrific "football foods." (But they taste just as delicious, no matter which sport you're watching!) WINGS A plate full of wings and an ice-cold beer seems to be a staple of most football fans' diets. Our bar has plenty of brews, both bottled & on

Play Golf Year-Round at LOZ Golf Lounge Next to Wicked Willie's Sports Grill!

A trip to Wicked Willie's Sports Grill in Osage Beach used to mean you could just watch sports on our 31 TVs and 3 giant projection screens. Now, you can play too!  Our old Blue Room nightclub has been transformed and the amazing team of LOZ Golf Lounge  has taken it over! In this new addition connected to our Lake of the Ozarks sports bar & grill , you can "come to have fun, stay to change your golf game!"  Meet the LOZ Golf Lounge Many people travel to play golf at the Lake of the Ozarks on the more than 13 incredible outdoor courses. LOZ Golf Lounge has brought the game of golf indoors and added 63 virtual courses from around the world to the list! These new indoor golf simulators at the Lake of the Ozarks  allow you to enjoy the great game of golf year-round as well as practice and improve your swing.    The TrackMan Experience LOZ Golf Lounge uses TrackMan technology that can actually help you, the golfer, to improve your golfing skills. From the groundbreaking

2 Great Weekends in a Row at Wicked Willie's - Labor Day & the NFL Returns

Most people are incredibly excited about the upcoming Labor Day Weekend at the Lake of the Ozarks , but even more exciting than that is the fact that pro football begins the Thursday night after that! We plan to enjoy both thoroughly at Wicked Willie's Sports Grill  in Osage Beach and we're ready to help you do the same.  An added bonus of watching the NFL at our Lake of the Ozarks sports bar & grill is the fact that our home team is the returning 2019 Superbowl Champions! Be sure to keep reading below to see the awesome weekly party we host when the Kansas City Chiefs are playing.  Labor Day Weekend First up, Labor Day Weekend is here. A 3-day holiday weekend that you should take advantage of by enjoying it to the fullest. If you're in the lake area, that may include some time on the water but once you step back onto dry land, be sure to head on over to our Lake of the Ozarks sports bar & restaurant .  We'll be waiting here for you with a delicious