What You Should Know About Beer

There are few things better than drinking a cold beer while watching your favorite football team. At the best sports grill at the Lake of the Ozarks, you can do both while also enjoying a delicious meal. Since football season is slowly gearing up, we thought that we would share a few fun facts about beer that you can share about the bar this football season. 

- Beer is one of the oldest prepared beverages, possibly dating back to 9,550 BC.

- In the Middle Ages, clean water was hard to find, so people preferred to drink beer, as the alcohol in it made it safer than water. 

- In 1814, a brewery tank containing 3,500 barrels of beer, which is almost 400,000 gallons, ruptured causing a tidal wave of beer to flood several streets in London. 

- According to an archaeologist from the University of Pennsylvania, the Ancient Egyptians who built the pyramids were paid with four liters of beer per day.  

- A study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology suggested that beer prevents kidney stones. If you drink a bottle of beer every day, it reduces your risk by at least 40 percent. 

- There are nearly 400 types of beer in the world. Belgium has the most individual beer brands. 

- The Czech Republic has the most beer consumption per capita. Czechs drink nearly 40 gallons of beer per year. 

The Best Beer Countries

1. Belgium - With preserved Belgian brewing techniques and production methods, it's hard to top the globally recognized beers that come from Belgium. 

2. United States - Breweries are opening at an astonishing rate of 1.5 per day, making the United States a world leader in beer production. 

3. United Kingdom - Craft beer in the UK is exploding! In addition, the UK has the highest number of breweries in the world per capita. 

4. Germany - Germany not only ranks in the top five for volume of beer production, but it also ranks number three in beer consumption per capita. In addition to these statistics, the German Beer Purity Law has kept many breweries recipes the same for centuries. 

5. Denmark - Although the Denmark beer styles have been as popular outside its borders, they're slowly being represented in bars across the world.  

What's On Tap At Wicked Willie's

- Blue Moon
- Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat
- Schlafly Pale Ale
- Piney River Float Trip Ale
- Logboat Snapper
- Bur Oak Boone County Brown
- Stella Artois
- Michelob Golden Light
- Shock Top Lemon Shandy
- Angry Orchard Crisp Apple
- Bud Light
- Miller Light

Watch the Game At Wicked Willie's

Delicious food, cold beer and your favorite team on screen, it's no wonder why Wicked Willie's is the best place to watch the game at the Lake of the Ozarks. If you are joining us for dinner, don't forget about our Happy Hour, which happens Monday through Friday from 3:00 - 6:00 p.m. Wednesdays are wicked at Wicked Willie's because Happy Hour goes from 3:00 to midnight and there are also specials on shrimp, wings and sliders - It's #WickedGood!

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