Fun Facts About America's Native Spirit!

Bourbon is as all-American as you can get when it comes to liquors. At the best sports bar and grill at the Lake of the Ozarks, you can enjoy this liquor in your favorite cocktail. However, how much do you know about this popular spirit? Lake of the Ozarks' favorite sports bar and grill has gathered a few fun facts you can share the next time you visit Happy Hour!

Fun Facts About Bourbon

- Kentucky is the birthplace of Bourbon. They craft 95 percent of the world's supply.

- Congress, in 1964, declared bourbon is America's only native spirit. In order to be considered bourbon is must be made with a minimum of 51 percent corn, aged in charred new oak barrels, stored at no more than 125 proof and bottled no less than 80 proof.

- There were 5.6 million barrels of bourbon aging in 2014, which means at that point there were more barrels of bourbon in the state of Kentucky than people living there (4.4 million).

-  Although Kentucky is known as the birthplace of bourbon, it doesn't need to be made there to be considered bourbon. It can be made in other states, however, it does need to be made in the U.S. to be considered bourbon. Otherwise, it is just known as whiskey.

- In order for it to be called straight bourbon, it must have sat for at least two years, and can't have any added flavors or colors. If it has been altered, it is referred to as blended bourbon.

- U.S. law states that bourbon barrels can only be used once. After they are used, they are usually shipped to whiskey distilleries across the world.

- During WWII, many distilleries were converted to produce penicillin, which is also a fermentation product.

- During prohibition, some distilleries were allowed to stay open to make whiskey for medicinal uses.

- In the1780s, Thomas Jefferson offered farmers 60s acres of prime Kentucky real estate to grow "crops of native origin." This area was later known as Bourbon county.

- The barrels that are used in the aging process of bourbon are toasted to bring caramelized sugars out of the wood, fired to evenly charcoal the interior, and then rung together with metal. Lastly, they are plugged with a piece of wood called a bung.

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