"Costume" Ideas for the ABC Party at Wicked Willie's Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Wicked Willie's Sports Grill happens to be connected to an amazing nightclub, so we simply can't resist throwing the most epic parties from time to time inside it. On Tuesday, July 31, 2018, at 9 pm we're doing it once again with an ABC Party! What's an ABC Party? Well, we're glad you asked...
Yes, at this particular type of party, there are NO CLOTHES ALLOWED! We don't want you showing up naked though. It's time to start thinking creatively and find some items you wouldn't regularly consider clothing to cover yourself with. Think you're up for the challenge? Here are a few examples of "costumes" that would allow you to get into our party for free. (If you're wearing real clothes, there's a $5 cover charge!) 

Trash Bags
This is an inexpensive, easily accessed idea for your ABC Party-wear. For a dress, all you have to do is cut holes for your arms and head and slip it on. Tie a belt made of rope, ribbon, or saran wrap around your waist for a more couture look. The guys can even pull off this fashion without it looking like a dress. Simply cut a hole for your legs, step into the trash bag, and tightly cinch it around your waist. We do ask that you use the black trash bags instead of the white ones. (There are some things we just don't need to see!) 

photo from brit.co 


If you use something like caution tape, or even party streamers, all you have to do is carefully wrap it around you positioned to cover specific areas and tie it tightly so that it all stays in position. (You're going to be dancing, so tie it tight!) 

Another idea is to use a sticky type of tape that can cover existing clothing. (If we can't see it, it's not there in this case.) Duct tape is sturdy enough that if you're a bit crafty, you should be able to twist and fold it in ways to create faux pieces of "clothing." With all of the different varieties of duct tape available today, it could even look quite fashionable.  

If you're a beer lover (and most party-goers are) don't throw away the leftover boxes once your beer is gone. Instead, get out your scissors and tape and fashion a clever covering out of those. If you start collecting boxes now, by the time our ABC Party rolls around you should have enough beer boxes to add a hat, shoes, and maybe even more! 

photo from totalfratmove.com
Curtains or Sheets
Look around your house for anything big enough to cover your body, like bedsheets, blankets, rugs, or even the curtains on your windows and wrap up toga-style. As a matter of fact, you could take the shower curtain down after you're done getting ready for the evening and wear that to our ABC Party. (You should probably dry it off first.) 

Wrapped Condoms
This is for the person that wants to spend a little extra time putting their costume together. (Also for anyone hoping to go home with someone special once the party is over!)  Carefully (very carefully) sew the edges of the wrappers together until you have enough connected to double as your ABC pants, shirt, or dress.  

photo from collegepartyguru.com
So, do those examples get your creative juices flowing enough to come up with something amazing to wear to the ABC Party in the Wicked Nightclub on Tuesday, July 31? We'll open the doors at 9 pm, and DJ Dr. Cheese & Taz will be rocking the house all night long at our Lake of the Ozarks bar & restaurant. We'll also have delicious drinks flowing and Fireball and Bomb specials in store for you during the evening. 

Make sure your "outfits" are on securely because you're going to want to dance the night away! Start collecting some fashionable odds and ends now that you can fashion together for an exciting night out at Wicked Willie's Sports Grill. We can't wait to see what you're NOT wearing! 

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