You Should Turn Your Kids Into Sports Fans! Here's Why...

We made our restaurant the best place to watch sports at the Lake of the Ozarks for a very good reason - WE LOVE SPORTS!!! The excitement of each game, the anticipation of the competition, the loud cheers (and sometimes groans) for your team... We wish there were even more sports on TV each day to enjoy! 

Most of us found this love for sports at an early age, giving us years and years of great games to cherish. You should do the same for your kids, so today Wicked Willie'sSports Grill in Osage Beach has some convincing reasons why turning your kids into sports fans is a great idea, and the earlier, the better! 

Great Bonding Experience
It can be difficult to find something that both adults and kids can get excited about. Sports offer an excellent chance for people of all ages to find some common ground. Sharing your love for a specific team with your children brings you all closer together. 

Even if you don't have kids of your own, bonding with your nieces and nephews over a chosen team is a great way to become their favorite uncle or aunt! Just make sure that you introduce them to your team early, because if they choose a different one, a family rivalry may soon be born instead! 

Teaches Life Lessons
When kids enjoy watching sports from an early age, it will naturally inspire them to be active and play themselves as they get older. It teaches them all about loyalty, especially when your team loses but you still keep cheering them on. A little healthy competition is a very good thing.  Sports also teach the importance of teamwork, which will help them in many different aspects of their life and make your family a stronger unit.  

Encourages Family Time
Families that share a love for a particular team can look forward to that special time each week when they get together to watch them play. (Unless, of course, you're baseball fans. Then you're going to have to get together for games a LOT more often!) 

Make it an event every time that your team plays. Ban bedtime on game nights, take in a live game at least once a season, or possibly make it a ritual to pack up the car and head on over to our family-friendly restaurant at the Lake of the Ozarks to catch your team on multiple screens! 

Kids Love Wicked Willie's
Dining out is as much of a treat to children as it is to adults. We make it a point to have some awesome options on our kids' menu here at Wicked Willie's Sports Grill so that even the youngest sports fans can find something they love to eat. Plus, less time in the kitchen for Mom & Dad means more time to keep an eye on the game! 

Our "Little League Menu" is meant for everyone 12 and under, but older kids can order from it for a small up-charge. Each of these meals is served with a house side and a drink.   


Grilled Chicken Tenders
Fried Chicken Tenders
Macaroni & Cheese
Kid Burger (4-oz.) 
Cheese Quesadilla
Mini Corn Dogs
Grilled Cheese

Turning your kids into sports fans at an early age has many benefits for them and for you. The next time that your team is playing, bring the kids with you to our Lake of the Ozarks sports grill. The excitement in the atmosphere at Wicked Willie's is contagious, plus you all get a delicious meal and some wonderful family time together while you're here.
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