Neat, Straight Up, On The Rocks - The Proper Way To Order A Cocktail

At the best sports bar at the Lake of the Ozarks, we have a fully stocked bar that has everything you need to help you cheer on or celebrate the wins of your favorite teams. From beer and wine to specialty cocktail drinks, Wicked Willie's has it all. While we have many delicious specialty cocktail drinks, you can always order "off the menu." Here are a few helpful tips the next time you order a cocktail from Lake of the Ozarks' favorite sports bar.

Ordering A Neat Drink

Neat is used to order a drink that is served with no ice or mixer. This is a straight pour or liquor into the glass and is served at room temperature.

What to order neat? Whiskey, brandy and scotch are often ordered neat, as many people prefer them at room temperature with nothing else added to them.

Ordering a Straight Up Or Up Drink

Up and Straight Up are usually used to describe a drink that is chilled with ice by either shaking or stirring and then strained into a glass.

What to order straight up or up? Most martinis are ordered Straight Up.  

Ordering An On The Rocks Drink

A drink that is poured over ice is called on the rocks. 

What to order on the rocks? Margaritas are commonly made on the rocks.

Ordering a Chilled Drink

Straight Up and Chilled are essentially the same thing, however, chilled is used instead of straight up when ordering shots of liquor. This avoids the confusion of whether you want the drink straight out the bottle and unchilled, or if you wanted it chilled.

What to order chilled? Any shot of hard liquor can be ordered chilled. However, it should be noted that chilling a liquor will add a little bit of water to it.

Other Terminologies

Back - A back is something non-alcoholic to follow a drink. It is also called a chaser. It is often used when a person orders a shot of straight liquor, either chilled or neat, and wants a water, soda or juice chaser to go with the shot.

Dirty - Dirty is often associated with Martinis, and it means that olive juice was added to the Martini.

Dry or Very Dry - This refers to the amount of Vermouth in a cocktail, specifically with a Martini. Dry has some Vermouth and very dry has almost none.

With A Twist - When bartenders add a twist, they will add a thin strip of citrus peel to the drink, usually a lemon twist.

Olives, Onions & Wedges - When ordering a Martini, specific if you want olives, cocktails onions or a twist. When you specify if you want olives or cocktail onions, specify how many you would like ("2 onions please"). For other drinks, you can ask for a lemon or lime wedge.

How To Order A Cocktail

When ordering a cocktail, it is best to specify which liquor first, and if you want a certain brand, say that instead. Example, rum and Coke or Jack and Coke. If you order a type of alcohol, as opposed to a brand, it will be made as a well drink. You name the type of alcohol first because when bartenders make the drink, they will add the liquor first, followed by everything else.

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