It's Almost Time For Our Totally Rad 80's Party!

Are you headed back to the lake area for Thanksgiving and have to stay at your parents' house, or do you live here and are expecting a house full of guests for the holiday? We've got the perfect excuse for you to get out of that house for at least one night - the Totally Rad 80's Party at Wicked Willie's Sports Grill! Go back with us to an era of, like, totally tubular times. Join us on Wednesday, November 22, 2017, starting at 8 pm.  

Bitchin' Costume Contest
We not only want you to be in an 80's mindset when you join us for the 80's party, but we want you to look the party too! Dig into those closets (or Mom & Dad's closet, depending on when you turned 21) and find all of those gnarly fashions that were simply too rad to throw out. (Everything comes back in style, right?) 

Just in case you need an extra incentive to get all dressed up for the party, we'll also be giving away cash prizes for the best 80's wannabe. There will be awards for the best individual look and for the best group costume. Either put on some parachute pants and fluorescent accessories on your own or grab 4 friends and turn yourselves into the New Kids on the Block for the night. Those efforts could just end up paying your bar tab for the evening! 

Totally Rad Music
C'mon, admit it. Anytime you hear just about any 80's tune on the radio or in a bar, you just can't help but smile and dance a little, even if you're sitting down! Well, you'll be standing up on our nightclub dance floor once the DJ starts spinning those wicked songs. It's time to brush off your best dance moves, like the Moonwalk, Running Man, Hammer Dance, Pop 'n' Lock, Robot, and since we're a Lake of the Ozarks sports bar, you've gotta whip out the Ickey Shuffle! We expect you all to get Footloose out on the dance floor all night long!  

Awesome Giveaways and Specials

This #WickedGood party will also have your favorite promo teams joining us throughout the night. As always, they'll be bringing along all kinds of fun giveaways that are totally the bomb. You can expect some great drink specials too for quenching that thirst you'll be working up from all of that dancing!   

We totally understand if you need to spend Thanksgiving day with the family, but you've gotta fight for your right to party on Wednesday, November 22 and make your way to Wicked Willie's Sports Grill. It's sure to be a night that people will remember for decades to come, so we'll go ahead and pencil you in right now.
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