DID YOU KNOW... 3 Mardi Gras Fun Facts For Pub Crawl

The 2018 Lake of the Ozarks Mardi Gras Pub Crawl is happening in just a few days on Saturday, February 17, and your favorite sports bar at the Lake of the Ozarks is going to be right in the center of all the action! We've got live music from 4 pm-close in the nightclub, all of your favorite party beverages, and incredible Wicked Willie's Sports Grill dishes to keep you fed and energized. 

Mardi Gras is a very intriguing holiday surrounded by tradition, pageantry, and tons of excitement. To get you in the right mindset for this weekend's festivities, here are a few interesting facts about this awesome holiday.     

Don't Forget Your Mask
You may think Mardi Gras masks are nothing more than a fashion accessory, but in New Orleans, they are required by law! If you are riding on a float in any of the parades, it is illegal to remove your mask. Everyone else is safe without one, but hiding behind a glamorous mask makes getting into mischief a little more fun! 

Event Colors
Just like your favorite sports teams, Mardi Gras has its own colors. When those colors were being chosen, it all began because founders thought that the "King of the Carnival" should have a kingdom, and all kingdoms need a flag. Since most country's flags were made up of three colors, that's the amount they decided to pick out. 

The rules for constructing a coat of arms states only 5 colors are acceptable to use: red, blue, purple, green, and black. "Heraldry" dictates that both metals and colors are necessary. The people in charge decided to go with purple, that is perfect for symbolizing royalty, plus green and gold. Those colors have their own meanings. Purple is for justice, green is for faith, and gold is for power. 

More Than Beads
Throwing, and better yet catching, beads is a very well-known activity that goes hand-in-hand with this celebration. If you are watching a parade in New Orleans though, you can expect to have more items than beads thrown your way. Everything from stuffed animals, small toys, plastic cups, and doubloons are tossed from floats. Some of those doubloons are made especially for each year's celebration, making them collector's items. 

Mardi Gras at Wicked Willie's
During the Lake of the Ozarks Mardi Gras Pub Crawl, Wicked Willie's Sports Grill will be in full-party-mode. We'll be opening up the nightclub with an additional bar and incredible dance floor. Keeping you out on that dance floor will be a couple of incredible acts. First up, DJ INNA will get things started from 4-8 pm, and once she's done the stage will be taken over by DJ Dr. Cheese and Taz from 8 pm-close

Don't worry if you don't have your pub crawl wristbands yet. You can get them at any participating pub crawl venue for just $10. That wristband gets you into all of the 15 stops and allows you to ride the buses around the pub crawl route all day long from 4 pm - 2:30 am. Park those cars and let our sober chauffeurs take care of all the driving! If you'd like to learn more about the event, you can visit the Pub Crawl website at www.LakePubCrawl.com. You'll also find lots of hotels offering weekend specials, and some of them are even located along the bus route. 

Rest up this week and get ready to party hard with us here at the best bar at the Lake of the Ozarks. Getting off the bus once it stops here is an easy decision, but once you're inside, it's going to be so much fun you may not want to get back on the bus. That's okay, just stay here with us! 

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