10 #WickedGood Fun Facts For National Burger Month

National Burger Month happens throughout May. Sure, it's one of the lesser-known holidays, but that doesn't mean it's not a good one. As a matter of fact, it's #WickedGood when you celebrate at Wicked Willie's Sports Grill with the best burgers at the Lake of the Ozarks

So, what's so interesting about burgers that they deserve a month of their own? Well, most importantly, they are amazingly delicious! Here are a few more fun facts about this tasty dish we think you'll be quite interested to find out. 

  • Today's burgers are said to have evolved from the Hamburg Steak of Hamburg, Germany. It was introduced to American by European immigrants.
  • Hamburgers were called "Liberty Sandwiches" during World War I. This was an attempt to avoid using the German name. Many U.S. residents replaced their hamburgers with Salisbury Steak.
  • The classic American hamburger is said to have first been sold at Louis' Lunch in New Haven, Connecticut in 1900 when the meat was placed between 2 slices of toast by Louis Lassen for a busy office worker that was in a hurry. 
  • A fry cook named Walter Anderson invented the hamburger bun in 1916. He later co-founded White Castle in 1921. 
  • Seymour, Wisconsin claims that Charlie Nagreen actually invented the hamburger in their town in 1885. There is a 12-foot tall statue of "Hamburger Charlie" in Seymour as well as the world's largest collection of hamburger-related items in the Hamburger Hall of Fame.
  • The hamburger gained popularity when it appeared at the St. Louis World's Fair in 1904.
  • According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word hamburger was abbreviated to just burger in 1939.
  • A very famous national animal rights group offered the town of Hamburg, New York $15,000 worth of non-meat patty burgers for area schools if they changed the town's name to Veggieburg. (They declined.)
  • Around the world, nearly 60% of all sandwiches sold are burgers. 
  • According to the Guinness Book of World Records:
    • The largest hamburger patty, made of pure Montana beef, was made in Saco, Montana in 1999, weighing 6,040 lbs.
    • The largest hamburger weighed in at 2,566 lbs. 9 oz. and was created by a team of 6 people in Pilsting, Germany in 2017. It consisted of 3 meat patties, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, onions, hamburger sauce, and a bun.
    • The record for the most hamburgers eating in 3 minutes is 12 and that is held by Takeru Kobayashi from Japan.
    • The record for the most hamburgers eaten in 1 minute is 5 and that is held by Rix Terabite. 

#WickedGood Wicked Willie's Burgers
The burgers at our Lake of the Ozarks sports bar & grill are nearly a half-pound of meat, weighing in at 7 ounces each. They are made fresh to order on a Brioche bun and come out hot, juicy, and absolutely delicious! 

You are welcome to create your own burger by taking our Classic Burger, which is flame-grilled to perfection, and adding as many of the following as you like (for a small additional charge for each topping.)  
  • CHEESE: American, Cheddar, Pepper Jack, Swiss
  • TOPPERS: Mushrooms, Caramelized Onions, Avocado, Bacon
Of course, you don't have to create your own burger. Instead, order one of the many specialty burgers we've masterfully created for you. 

Willie's Burger
This one takes our classic, flame-grilled burger and adds both cheddar and bleu cheese and is then finished with bacon-onion jam. 

The Logan Burger
This flame-broiled beef patty gets topped with a very special version of a classic side dish - deep bacon mac 'n' cheese! 

Western Burger
BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, and crispy fried onions top this fantastic flame-grilled delicacy. 

The Wicked Burger
Possibly our most popular burger to date, this #WickedGood dish takes flame-grilled ground chuck that is infused with caramelized onions, jalapeno, and chipotle sauce. As if that wasn't already enough, it is then topped with more caramelized onions, pepper jack cheese, guacamole, and chipotle mayonnaise.

Now you know all of those cool burger facts to impress your friends with and you've got a look at the mouthwatering burger creations we've got on the menu at our Lake of the Ozarks restaurant & bar. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself over to Wicked Willie's Sports Grill in Osage Beach right away and give one of our savory sandwiches a try! 

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